Nyles Edwards

Co/Founder | Visionary & CEO

Nyles has been an entrepreneur his whole life. He has started multiple businesses, but none compare to his love for real estate. Nyles is a dare-devil and a go-getter. There is no problem too complex and no vision too bold. As the visionary of Enhance, Nyles is responsible for everything we have done and everything we want to become. His path is a little different in the real estate industry as he took it upon himself to get educated in this space. According to Nyles, there is no real estate book or podcast he has not consumed. His superpower is his work ethic, passion, transparency, and ability to break problems down into manageable tasks. Away from work, you can find Nyles enjoying live music, climbing a mountain, or traveling to his next adventure.

Kent Mueller


Kent is the Co/Founder of Enhance. Before Enhance, Kent dabbled in real estate with a few of his own investment properties, but never on this scale. Kent & Nyles’s story began when Nyles helped Kent renovate one of his properties. As they completed the project, they realized there may be an opportunity here. Without much hesitation, they bought their first property. One turned into three, which turned into five, and so on. Now, Kent manages a large portfolio and the many projects that come with it. Kent’s superpower is his drive and ability to see the big picture. Our company culture and foundation has been molded by his vision, and we see the strength of this foundation as we continue to grow. Away from work, you can find Kent with his family, on the lake, or on a run (if you are up at 4:30AM)!

Ian Derby

Chief Operating Officer

Ian is our integrator. He is responsible for the execution of the company vision and business plan as well as accountable for the results. He joins our team from the mortgage industry where he operated as COO of a startup that grew to over 150 employees. His superpower is his ability to shapeshift and manage a wide variety of projects and responsibilities. Ian wears many hats, and is always changing between functions based on the needs of our employees and the business. Away from work, Ian loves the outdoors and traveling. He says, “A post-hike craft beer while relaxing with a good book is a great way to end the day.”

Michele Patrick

Customer Solutions Team Manager

Michele is our Customer Solutions Team Manager. Her responsibility is to ensure our Customer Solutions Team is prepared to serve our clients well by answering their questions, gathering their property information, and getting them scheduled with a Property Specialist, so we can get them an accurate offer. Michele does much more behind the scenes! She joins our team with years of business experience from being a receptionist, managing large teams, to owning her own multi-million dollar business. Michele’s superpower is her love for people! She truly keeps everything in order for Enhance Property Solutions! Away from work, Michele is passionate about her grandkids, mentoring young adult women through her church, and working on her garden.

Michael Edwards

Chief Financial Officer

Michael has been a CPA for over 25 years, and he has worked for multiple accounting firms and public firms in their finance and auditing departments. He has owned real estate investments for over 20 years. As the CFO of Enhance, Michael is responsible for the financial department. Michael’s superpower is his work ethic, financial knowledge, and transparency. Away from work, you can find Michael climbing a mountain, hiking or traveling to his next adventure.

Ron Kincaid

Operations Manager

Ron oversees the construction & development of all of our properties as well as transactions and property management. Ron joins our team with over 30 years of experience in multi-family & commercial construction and development. His superpower is his work ethic and wealth of knowledge in this space. Away from work, you can find Ron boating or traveling.

Levi Dunahee

Project Manager

Levi was the first hire for Enhance Property Solutions. He is responsible for managing contractors and ensuring our many projects run smoothly. He joins our team with years of construction experience. Enhance gives him the opportunity to pair that experience with his love for building and renovating beautiful homes. Levi’s superpower is his communication skills. From the top of the line to the bottom, Levi keeps everyone informed on our projects. Away from work, you can find Levi on the lake wake surfing or hanging with family and friends.

Elena Owen

Disposition Manager

Elena plays matchmaker between our buyers and sellers to help make the best investment decisions. She joins our team with years of experience in sales & logistics with Penske Truck Leasing. Her superpower is her persistence and positivity which allows her to create great relationships with buyers and sellers. Away from work, Elena loves fun in the sun with friends and family, and being surrounded by music activities.

Jack Thorne

Sales Manager

Jack manages our acquisitions/sales team.  From a young age, Jack has been interested in real estate as his mother was a realtor growing up.  In high school, Jack got his start in real estate photography as a freelancer for local agents to the Cleveland area.  Growing up in Ohio, Jack attended The Ohio State University and pivoted to the mortgage side of real estate.  Becoming a licensed loan officer in the midst of the pandemic, Jack found a further passion for real estate, which led him to Indianapolis to join our team. In his free time, you’ll find Jack looking for flights or spending time with his dog, Arrow.  His superpower is adapting to new challenges with an eager mindset. “You get what you put in.”

Josh McGuire

Commercial Acquisitions & Management

Josh manages our Commercial Acquisitions Team. He was born and raised in Indianapolis, but joins our team after moving home from Los Angeles, CA. He has over 10 years of experience in both residential and commercial real estate. His superpower is problem solving and thinking “outside of the box” to ensure that if something is not working, we have many solutions. Away from work, Josh loves music production, home improvement projects, hiking with his 9 year old husky, and staying in to watch movies with his girlfriend and two cats.

Baylee Biancofiori

Property Specialist

Baylee is the first person our client meets face to face! As a Property Specialist, it is her responsibility to execute our company vision of finding ways to bring new life to properties we purchase. Baylee’s superpower is her ability to understand people and working deals to be a win-win situation. Away from work, you can find Baylee at yoga, with her dog Otis, or scrolling the MLS.

Kallen Maddock

Property Specialist

Kallen joins our team with many years of experience in relationship management working for TruGreen and Tesla. Enhance gave him the opportunity to put his passion for real estate and people together. His superpower is reliability, which makes him the perfect fit to help sellers in any situation. Kal always shows up. Away from work, Kallen is a stellar goaltender in the local beer league. If he’s not stopping pucks, you can find him at a concert or on the lake!

Kelsie Strout

Property Specialist

Kelsie joins our team with many years of experience in customer service, most recently, managing an architectural salvage/antique shop. Her superpower is her optimism and enthusiasm in helping people and making a difference. Enhance allows the opportunity for her to put her passions together to help people get out of sticky situations with their home, and bring distressed properties back to life. Away from work, Kelsie is an active volunteer for the Franklin Elk’s Veterans Committee. She loves to spend time with family & friends as well as antiquing, cooking, exercising, and the outdoors.

Luke Edwards

Property Specialist

Luke joins our team from Indiana University. His main focus for Enhance is land acquisition. He is passionate about real estate, learning about different markets, and helping property owners in problem solve and find solutions through any situation. Away from work, you will find Luke in the outdoors. Always looking for his next adventure whether he is hiking, backpacking, or rock climbing.

Dillon Baker

Property Specialist

Dillon is a man of the people, spending his time with boots on the ground interacting with potential clients in an effort to make their lives easier. A professional dream maker, if you will. He seeks to guide people through a potential hardship and make it seamless so they can go on to bigger things! Dillon is extremely passionate about changing communities and individual lives through the power of real estate. He lives an active lifestyle that involves rock climbing, being on a plane every chance he gets, being heavily active in his faith with Jesus, and pursuing other passions like coffee and videography!

Zoe Daniels

Property Specialist

Zoe was born and raised in Indianapolis, and graduated from Warren Central in 2014. She went to Cosmetology school shortly after graduating, but soon realized her passion was not there. Since High School, Zoe has always served at restaurants and eventually started bartending. She loved the fast paced atmosphere and the money, but knew it wasn’t where she wanted to be forever. She found Enhance through her friend (and fellow Property Specialist) Kal. He would always talk about this company and how awesome it is, so she became very interested. Zoe knew she wanted a stable job with financial security, and to work with a company that truly cares about their employees. Sure enough, she found her home! Zoe’s superpower is helping people. She has always been someone people can rely on when they need advice, and has always felt most joy when she is able to make some ones day brighter. Away from work, Zoe loves spending time with her dog Ralphie, hanging with friends, and going to music events.

Kevin Bernhardt

Property Specialist

Kevin joins our team with many years of experience in real estate. He is a lifelong Indianapolis resident attending Roncalli and IUPUI. While at IUPUI, Kevin discovered his love for real estate and became a licensed real estate broker while working to finish his degree in business management. Kevin enjoys playing the drums, golfing, tennis and basketball. Kevin’s super power is thinking outside the box. “You miss all of the shots you don’t take.”

Katie Wilson

Property Manager

Katie works with our residents to help manage their financial and service needs. Katie moved to Indianapolis in 2002, and has been working in the real estate community ever since. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in single family, multi-family, and mixed use real estate. Her superpower is her organization and motivation to help our company grow. Away from work, Katie enjoys skiing, golf, tennis, traveling with her husband, and spending time watching her babies play sports. Her favorite quote to live life by is “to whom much is given, much is required.”

Collin Maple

Transactions Coordinator

Collin is responsible for Transactions. Once our clients decide to sell to us, Collin becomes the main point of contact until the deal is closed. His superpower is his detail, communication, and ability to make anyone feel comfortable. You are in good hands with Collin, he is very reliable. Away from work, Collin loves to travel and be outdoors. You can find him hiking, boating, or planning his next adventure.

Sam Markwood

Consumer Marketing Manager

Sam is responsible for the data side of marketing with the goal of understanding markets to help make informed decisions and grow the business. He joins our team with a Marketing & Business Analytics degree from Indiana University. Sam’s superpower is his attention to detail. Away from work, Sam is passionate about coaching youth hockey and travel.

Jada Ruffin

Content Marketing Manager

Jada is responsible for growing our brand and presence in Indianapolis! She joins our team with a diverse background in video production. Jada got her start freelancing for multiple marketing agencies and businesses in the area. This experience gives her a wide variety of knowledge and connections in the content marketing industry. Her superpower is her knowledge in creating compelling visual content, utilizing video optimization tools, along with determining recent trends. Away from work, Jada is passionate about tennis and weightlifting.

Kiki Yiu

Media Production

Kiki joins our team with a Cinematic Production Degree from Indiana University as well as experience helping multiple businesses develop their brand. Her superpower is her creative storytelling and aesthetic judgment which she attributes to her multicultural background. Away from work, Kiki is passionate about archery and dance.


Customer Solutions Specialist

Laura joins our team with a BS degree in interior design and several years of experience in home construction and remodel. Her superpower is listening, which makes her a perfect fit to help find solutions to various real estate challenges. Away from work, Laura loves her grandchildren, gardening, and the outdoors.


Customer Solutions Specialist

Trish joins our team with experience working as a real estate paralegal and working as a child nutrition manager. Enhance gave her the opportunity to pair her love for real estate and serving the community. Trish’s superpower is shapeshifting. She enjoys handling a variety of tasks, which makes her a great fit to handle potential clients looking to sell their home. Away from work, Trish enjoys spending time outside and being with family.


Customer Solutions Specialist

Lori has worked in customer service and sales for many years.  She loves making a connection with people by listening and talking to them. Her and her husband enjoy tackling remodel projects themselves.  Lori often assists him with the bigger projects and then completes the final touches with the décor.  Seeing the finished project is very rewarding. Her passion outside of work has always been crafting which in recent years has expanded to woodworking.  She also enjoys spending time outdoors, but her biggest passion is spending time with family, her dogs and her granddaughter.


Customer Solutions Specialist

Wendy joins our team with many years of experience as a licensed realtor. Her superpower is helping people, which makes her a great fit to be the first point of contact for our customers. When people decide they want to work with us, Wendy is here to support and create a positive experience the rest of the way. Away from work, Wendy is a voracious reader, and loves to help her daughter’s marching band. She is also a staunch supporter of advocacy, research and education for diabetes.


Customer Solutions Specialist

Sam joins the team after working for the past 5 years at a non profit dog rescue. She has helped secure homes for over 2000 animals. She loves talking and connecting with people and is excited to bring her interpersonal skills to this field. She is a mom to two young sons and loves to read and garden in her spare time.