Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Are you getting thoughts on selling your home? Well, you must think you’re the homeowner, you’re going to sell your house, and someone else will buy it, so why take unnecessary stress? If you believe so, a blunder will happen indeed!

Home selling can be emotionally challenging if you don’t escape some significant mistakes while selling your house, especially if it’s your first time. It can cost you huge expenses, time & nuisance. You hoped to get a great offer, but from time to time, it may feel like your hopes are falling with each showcasing. We understand the challenges numerous sellers have faced. Don’t make missteps when it is time to sell.

Below listed the top 5 common home selling mistakes, and we swear you can have a successful home selling experience by avoiding these pitfalls.

  • Not hiring a real estate agent, trying to be a salesperson.
  • Setting the price too high, unwilling to negotiate.
  • Keeping house unclean and cluttered & avoiding major repairs.
  • Skipping on listing professional photographs.
  • Letting emotions overpower you.
  1. Don’t try to sell it by yourself:

Not hiring an agent has proven to be the worst decision for most sellers, especially those who haven’t done so before. Of course, you may think you can save yourself from paying an agent the 3% to 5% commission. True! But you still can’t avoid the Buyer’s agent’s 2% or 3% commission. Moreover, selling a house on your own is no less than a migraine pain!

Invest your time in evaluating potential agents having proper insurance & credentials. The agent would help handle showings, pricing, negotiations, marketing strategies, offers, paperwork, and safe transactions.

  • Unrealistic Pricing:

Be realistic. The right asking price is always an opener. Don’t price it too low (you could miss out on profit), not too high (an overpriced home may get out of the market race); price it accordingly to your local market value.

Any wise buyer would bargain, so you might need to play the game if you want to close the deal.

Plus, make sure you don’t owe more on your mortgage than what your house is worth.

  • Keeping house unclean, clutter & avoiding major repairs:

Do you think they overlook the poor maintenance? That improper drainage system? Once a buyer comes to stroll through your house, he considers it his own; if you skip major repairs and retain it cluttered and diluted, that would instantly turn them off!

Don’t ignore the little details; eliminate unnecessary items, remove old broken pieces of furniture, clean the stains up and make clean space.

  • Skipping on listing professional photographs:

Potential buyers will prefer viewing photographs of your house online before visiting it physically. So make sure you are not forcing them to cross your house off their list.

Professional photography is usually included in the agent’s marketing budget. If not, you have your mobile in hand. Take snaps and ensure all photos provide the Buyer with an idea of the size of the rooms.

  • Emotions overpower you:

You have worked all your life to build your house. You must have spent your most memorable and saddest moments here. It will not seem easy to bid goodbye to your good old buddy.

Got emotional? Hey! Don’t be; everything will be worth it once you reach the ideal closing day. You have to approach the sale of your house as a business deal rather than a personal one to make the transaction as smooth as possible.


These are the pricey mistakes you should avoid when selling a home. With the right real estate agent’s assistance in navigating the procedure, finding the right Buyer, and selling for top dollar, the entire affair will be hassle-free.

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